#oklaed #okteacherwalkout Reflections: Day 5 – 1 Week Down ??? To Go

In case you have not heard the state of Oklahoma, my state, is in a bit of crisis. I have joined tens of thousands of other educators in descending upon our state capitol to march in protest over the lack of proper education funding. I am going to share some reflections of this process each day here.

You can see precious days reflections here:

I am exhausted. I fully intended to write this post yesterday but I was on the go the large majority of the day and the few moments I was not, I rested. So here, I am on Saturday afternoon, after sleeping in, playing with my children, cleaning my house and starting laundry writing out my thoughts from yesterday.

We are 5 days into this journey. I would love to say I believe it is almost over. However, I really do not know how long this will last. My gut is telling me at least another week. The controlling party is still refusing to allow certain votes to even take place on the floor. If they fully believe these bills are wrong for our state and they have the majority then why not let the vote happen. Or are they afraid of something else?

I think they believe they can wait us out and after we leave, they can forget about anything related to education. I do not know what will happen, but I will be back early Monday morning refreshed and ready to keep fighting for the future of this state!