Disillusionment: Poetic Thoughts on the Current State of SBC Affairs

This feeling right now it is not new,

The times I before have felt this are more than a few.

The implications, though, are different this go around,

For the questions they create in my mind do abound.

When did greed, power, and maintaining tradition,

Replace love, grace, and showing compassion?

Why are we so scared of change,

Why does letting others have a seat stir such rage?

They scream and shout sufficiency of the good book alone,

While failing to see the damage Protestant Patriotism has done.

Properly interpret the word in context they say,

Unless, of course, that word concerns gender roles of that day.

They protect the abusers and label the victims as rabble rousers,

Yet protecting the status quo just serves to empower the doubters.

They preach and sing about love as the key,

But why is hate what the watching world so clearly sees?

I regret any ways I have contributed to this mess,

And I pledge to do all I can to bring healing to those oppressed.

Disillusionment will not get this win,

Because I choose love and grace until the end.