Financial Tip Of The Month- November 2019

Budget. Financial plan. Spending map. Whatever you choose to call your way of allocating your monetary resources (and I really hope you have one), they all mean the same thing. It is a strategy for how you will utilize your resources to make certain your cash inflow is a higher figure than your cash outflow while paying all the necessary, required, and ongoing financial obligations. Even writing out the aforementioned definition seemed to be at least in some ways an undertaking in drudgery. Planning out your budget and paying your bills might be a satisfying activity and perhaps even makes you feel like you adulted for a bit, but I highly doubt it is ever a task deemed as fun, rather I suspect it is a chore you probably put off until the last possible minute. You can change this. No really you can!

Add some fun into your budget. Find some margins. Find where you can save $5 here or $20 there. Apply the found money to something you enjoy. I subscribe to a men’s fashion accessory box and each money I get enjoyment from selecting my monthly box, reading the email informing me it has shipped, seeing the package in my mailbox, opening it, and getting to wear the various items for the first time. I spend less than 1% of my total monthly budget on this service; yet it brings more smiles in a week’s time than most of my other routine spending does in an entire year. Why? Because it something I enjoy and I find it fun.

What brings you happiness and excitement is more than likely quite different than my example above. I wager you know what it is though. I encourage you to reexamine your spending plan this month and seek those margins and places where you can spend less in one area to add in a jovial element to your ongoing budget. Your financial health just might drastically improve as you do this.